Common and exterior spaces improvement of the shopping center at Avinguda Diagonal

The shopping center is committed to new green and sustainable meeting spaces that promote the connection between people and nature.

Reforma de L’illa Diagonal de Barcelona
Reforma de L’illa Diagonal de Barcelona

Refurbishment of L'illa Diagonal in Barcelona

Refurbishment to improve the connectivity of the shopping center with the public gardens of Sant Joan de Déu, through the construction of a umbraculum with vegetation that will reinforce the green environment of the area and will house new restaurant spaces.


Batlleiroig Arquitectura. Enric Batlle Durany, Joan Roig i Duran, Albert Gil Margalef, Helena Salvadó Giné, Laura Quintana Fernàndez, Eirene Presmanes Yrurzun – Architect/ Joan Batlle Blay – Architect and landscape architect


Cristina Domínguez Morales, Elisabeth Pino Palomo, Pilar Álvarez Alvargonzález, Alba Moreno Rodríguez, Maria Peñas de los Aires, Rafel Bonet Sisniega, Alba Monfort Ribes, Arrate Abaigar Villota, Annabel Barba Calpe, Irene Escudé Moreno, Fernando Marí Rebollo – Architect / Diana Calicó Soler, Elisabeth Torregrosa Avilés, Laura Luque Pan, Helena Canals Albiol – Building engineer


PGI Engineering – MEP engineering, Estudi m103 – Structural engineering, Artec Studio – Lighting design, Emiliana – Interior design, Avanti – Signage, JSS – MEP engineering


L’illa Diagonal

Project status

In progress

Total area

35000 m2

Outdoor surface

1934 m2

Committing to green and sustainable spaces

The shopping center will encourage the interaction of users with the public gardens of Sant Joan de Déu and will recover the permeability between the interior and exterior of the enclosure. To do this, a shade house with a length of almost 200 meters and vegetation will be built. Thus, the shopping center will have a new multipurpose green area integrated into the gardens, which will optimize air quality and thermal and acoustic comfort.

The umbraculum will also rearrange and renovate outdoor dining areas, incorporating new restaurant concepts unique in the city that will attract new audiences and operators.

The reform tries to promote the connection between people and nature. Strategies have been proposed that articulate this relationship, introducing light and vegetation inside, opening L’illa to the outside and proposing a new umbraculum between the shopping center and the public gardens.

L'illa opens onto the garden and the garden enters L'illa. / © SBDA

New meeting spaces

The proposal also improves the visitors comfort with the creation of several rest areas and the complete reform of the four toilets (of which one has already been reformed), which represents an important advance in terms of sustainability –due to less water consumption–, aesthetics and usability.

Likewise, a general improvement will be carried out on the architectural elements of the shopping center (ceilings with image projection and lighting effects, coatings replaced by green walls, redesigned stairs, etc.) and actions will be carried out in certain stores to optimize their visibility.

Energy efficiency is another key aspect of the project. In this line, the reform of the shopping center will implement environmental improvements aimed at reducing the use of natural resources, through lower energy consumption (LED lighting) and water, and the generation of waste, as well as promoting the use of sources of renewable energy through the installation of solar panels.

L’illa Diagonal will also implement a wayfinding project to facilitate the location and route of visitors, through the combination of new corporeal signage elements and state-of-the-art digital screens, while introducing the latest trends in digital signage.