ENRIC BATLLE I DURANY has been a lecturer at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) since 1982. He is Director of the MBLandArch- Master of Landscape Architecture degree program of the ETSAB-UPC, and has been professor in the Department of Urbanism and Territorial Planning at the Vallès School of Architecture (ETSAV-UPC) since 1982, coordinating the school’s landscape- and environment-themed Architecture & Projects Workshop IV. Over the years, he has been involved in numerous courses at both the UPC and other institutions, such as the Barcelona School of Agriculture and the Navarra University School of Architecture. He studied at the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB-UPC), earning his degree in architecture in 1980. He also earned a Postgraduate in Landscape Architecture in 1985, to later become Doctor of Architecture in 2002, both at UPC. He presented his doctoral thesis, “The Garden of the Metropolis. From Romantic Landscape to Open Space for a Sustainable City,” to the UPC’s Urbanism and Territorial Planning Department, whose PhD committee awarded him both the Extraordinary Doctorate Prize and the Lluís Domènech i Montaner Prize for Architecture Theory and Criticism. His thesis was published in 2012 under the same title, further earning him the FAD Theory & Review 2012 Prize for his recent publication "The Garden of the Metropolis: From Romantic Landscape to Free Space for a Sustainable City". She is the Patron of the Elisava -Technical School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona-, she teaches lectures and masterclasses in several international universities and publishes articles regularly in specialized magazines.


He has been involved since 1982 in the Department of Urban Planning and Territorial Planning of the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia). Currently, he is Director of the Master's Degree in Landscaping -MBLandArch- taught at the ETSAB (Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona - UPC). His role as a teacher has been developed especially in the ETSAV (School of Architecture of the Vallès - UPC) as a professor of Urbanism and as coordinator of Workshops of Architecture and Projects. Currently, he is Director of the Master's Degree in Landscaping -MBLandArch- taught at the ETSAB (Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona - UPC).


Doctor in Architecture from the Department of Urbanism and Territorial Planning of the UPC since 2002 with the doctoral thesis "The Garden of the Metropolis: From Romantic Landscape to Free Space for a Sustainable City". Thesis for which he received the Extraordinary Doctorate Award from the UPC Doctoral Commission and which was awarded the Montaner Prize for Theory and Criticism. This research work has been published by Editorial Gustavo Gili in 2012 under the same name, and recognized with the 2012 FAD Theory and Criticism Award.

Numerous prestigious international universities have counted on their participation in courses and master classes: Harvard University-Graduate School of Design, Copenhagen University, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Beijing Forestry University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia or University of Texas-Austin , The University of Navarra, Università degli Studi Roma Tre, among others, and their theses on architecture and landscape have been disseminated to very diverse institutions, such as The Architectural League of New York.


His extensive professional and academic experience is reflected in his participation in national and international exhibitions as a Commissioner, and in his participation in congresses and symposiums around the world. Among these, we can highlight the double representation in 2016 of the Venice Architecture Biennial - the International Pavilion with the exhibition "Farming Life" around the restoration of the landfill of controlled waste in Vall de'n Joan, the Natural Park of the Garraf, Barcelona, and also in the National Pavilion of Catalonia, exhibiting the Environmental Restoration of the Llobregat River in Barcelona- and its latest international interventions as Keynote Speaker, which took place at the "Architecture Congress 2016" Barcelona, in the forum " reSITE2017 "in Prague," nature in the city "BFU Symposium in Beijing," Responsive Cities "Congress of the IAAC in Barcelona and" Lx10 Big Landscapes "in Vienna.


His business work at the head of Batlleiroig Arquitectura has been recently recognized with the highest recognition in Spain towards an architecture firm: the Superior Council of the Colleges of Architects of Spain-MEDALLA CSCAE 2017 "for being a great architecture studio, consolidated as reference of quality and professional rigor, and organized according to a business and solvent operation, with a collaborative philosophy, global, directed towards the control of the process and the vanguard in the use of new technologies, always without forgetting the values of our discipline " according to the Jury CSCAE2017.