Terrassa Funeral Parlour

Funeral services building with wake rooms, crematorium and ceremony room for Altima.

Tanatori de Terrassa
Tanatori de Terrassa

Terrassa Funeral Parlour

The Funeral Home in Terrassa is a smaller building, of around 1,300 built square meters, placed in an industrial context. The new building proposes the creation of broad garden areas in its perimeter as a filter towards the surrounding streets and industrial warehouses.


Batlleiroig Arquitectura. Enric Batlle Durany, Joan Roig i Duran – Architect


Anna Lloret Papaseit, Maria Comas Giménez – Architect / Joan Batlle Blay – Architect and landscape architect / Diana Calicó Soler, David Sobrino Viguín – Building engineer / Dolors Feu – Agricultural engineer and landscape architect


GIC – Áltima

Construction company


Project status


Start date


Finish date


Total area

1.315 m2
© Antonio Navarro Wijkmark

Terrassa Funeral Parlour

The client transmitted the need to develop a quality project while adjusting to a 900€-1000€ m2 budget. To accomplish this goal, we decided, first, to redefine the usual funeral home typology connecting the different vigil rooms through an exterior sheltered space, sparing technical services and significantly increasing the building’s compactness. In the second place, we conceived a solution joining structure and facade based on industrialized prefab concrete systems simplifying the construction process (lower execution time) lowering the cost of both budget items. In third place, we used traditional low-cost materials such as exposed concrete blocks, that helped create the cladding for the lower part of the building, providing lightness and creating a trellis that filters outside views.

The building’s interior is organized in three main spaces: An entrance porch included in the built volume connecting with both the lobby and the sheltered exterior space leading to the vigil rooms. The three vigil rooms organized around interior courtyards, similar to the arrangement for the Sant Joan Despí funeral home from 2012. Those patios organize spaces around them adjusting the required privacy and lighting levels. And finally, a prayer room expanding towards a lateral courtyard used both for the exit and as a farewell space for the family.


© Antonio Navarro Wijkmark
© Antonio Navarro Wijkmark