Urbanization of the seafront of Alcúdia port, Mallorca

Port d’Alcúdia
Port d’Alcúdia

Alcúdia harbour

The project for the port d’alcùdia waterfront started from the idea that it was necessary to facilitate the pedestrian use of the area in contrast to the exaggerated use by road traffic, which made it almost impassable, especially in summer.


Batlleiroig Arquitectura. Enric Batlle Durany, Joan Roig i Duran – Architect


Jordi Nebot – Architect / Teresa Galí-Izard – Agricultural engineer


STATIC Ingeniería – Structural engineering


Ajuntament d’Alcúdia

Project status


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Total area

18000 m2

In order to do so, the various areas of road traffic access were demarcated and the parking zones were reorganized. The entire pavement of the promenade was unified by using trapezoidal prefabricated cobblestones. These pieces were also used to define the tree gratings, the scuppers for collecting surface waters and the bumps used to block road traffic. The elimination of curbs made it possible to rebuild the slopes in an optimal way, keeping the existing water collection and the canalization of installations, but adapting them to the new paving. Over this continuous pavement, we drew a sinuous pathway with teak wood that divided the promenade into two areas: one closer to the water and, therefore, more intimate and peaceful; and the other one closer to the buildings and shops and, therefore, livelier. The two bridges located on this wooden path support the vehicle entrances to the private areas of the harbor. These bridges enable the pedestrians to gain a higher view over the waterfront and offer diverseness to the itinerary along the seashore.

Jordi Bernadó ©

Three wooden pergolas were located along the promenade, which could house different services, such as bars, restaurants, public restrooms, kiosks, tickets booths for the public pier, telephone boxes, etc. Apart from its usability, they provide the promenade with shade, improving the fresh sensation sought by pedestrians. Their curvature intends to recall the shape of the ships under construction in the harbor’s dock. The existent vegetation, generally consisting of palm trees, was not only kept but also increased in order to make up a real palm grove. This gives the promenade natural shady areas that are always desirable. From the bridges, converted into viewpoints, the promenade appears as a renovated oasis, where wood, shades, palm trees, and water provide the place with a special microclimate.

Jordi Bernadó ©