The new Meridiana promenade

The new green corridor for the neighborhoods of Sant Martí and Sant Andreu.

El nou passeig de la Meridiana
El nou passeig de la Meridiana

The new Meridiana promenade

The reform of this section of the Meridiana, the only section with the character of a promenade, becomes the key piece in the definition of a new green corridor for the neighborhoods of San Martin and San Andreu. The new promenade becomes the gateway to the new Glories Park.


Batlleiroig Arquitectura. Enric Batlle Durany, Joan Roig i Duran, Iván Sánchez Fabra – Architect


Clàudia Amías Roget – Architect and landscape architect / Laura Florentín Aragón – Architect / Dolors Feu – Agricultural engineer and landscape architect / Yago Cavaller Galí – Agricultural engineer and environmentalist / Elisabeth Torregrosa Avilés, Laura Luque Pan – Building engineer


SBS Simón i Blanco – Engineering


BIMSA – Barcelona d’Infraestructures Municipals


Project status


Start date


Finish date


Total area

25000 m2

Outdoor surface

25000 m2
© Antonio Navarro Wijkmark

The vegetable layers

Despite the strong constraints of the existing railway infrastructures in the subsoil, such as the railroad and subway lines, the micro-topography work carried out and the layout of the elements that will make up the new public space allows to introduce and maximize the presence of green within the city, naturalizing the avenue and promoting the presence of biodiversity in contact with pedestrians and various flora along with the stations.

Three layers of vegetation will accompany users along the promenade, herbaceous vegetation, shrub species, and the existing and newly planted tree cover, as well as a technician subsoil that makes the most of rainwater.

© Antonio Navarro Wijkmark

Tree-lined promenade

The proposal aims to generate a tree-lined promenade that intensifies as we approach the future forest mass of the canopy of the Plaza de las Glorias. It is intended to be a shaded promenade with a great biodiversity of flora and fauna. The trees will serve as an attraction and refuge for birds, the biotope will attract and shelter insects, and the flower garden will serve to attract butterflies.

© Antonio Navarro Wijkmark