Municipal building in Pearson Square in Rubí

An office complex integrated into its surroundings, with a recessed façade that plays with the volumes and is a transition between the past of the listed neighboring house and the future of the morphology of the square.

Edifici Pearson a Rubí
Edifici Pearson a Rubí

Pearson Building in Rubí

The main facade is slowly withdrawn in the last two floors to redraw its relationship with the neighboring house, so that the building picks up the height of the latter. The first floor is withdrawn by considerably widening the pre-existing sidewalk to provide the building with an aggregate space that revitalizes its first floors. In the turn of the building, the floor plan and façade are played with to facilitate the transition from a more significant volumetry in the surroundings of the square, to another that is more adapted to the pre-existing architecture, which follows the scale of the side street - narrow and with low houses.


Batlleiroig Arquitectura. Joan Roig i Duran, Enric Batlle Durany – Architect


Goretti Guillén, Cristina Maragall – Architect / Lluís Roig – Building engineer



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Total area

6384 m2
© Josep Mª Molinos
© Josep Mª Molinos

A new architectural framework

The Pearson building for the city hall generates a new architectural framework, capable of generating different activities in its surroundings.

The main access to the upper floors is independent of the accesses to the ground floor premises, generating the widening of the perimeter porch at the corner of the building.

The access to the car park is located at one end of the site on Jaume Balmes street, to avoid the movement of cars in the relationship between the building and Pearson square, thus generating a public space designed for the health and wellbeing of the citizens.