Nou Camp Nou Competition

Finalist proposal in the international competition of the New Camp Nou of FC Barcelona.

Concurs Nou Camp Nou
Concurs Nou Camp Nou

Nou Camp Nou Competition

The design is based on a basic principle of recognition and respect of the values of the stadium in Media. The new extension manifests itself in a discernible way and with its own language complementing the original building. The surroundings of the new complex are resolved as a large park that integrates it within the urban fabric of the Les Corts neighborhood.


Batlleiroig Arquitectura. Enric Batlle Durany, Joan Roig i Duran – Architect


Mario Súñer Díaz, Sergi Roca, Alejandra Liébana Leirós – Architect


FCB – Fútbol Club Barcelona


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In its existing form, Camp Nou Stadium accommodates just over 90,000 spectators. The Team E proposal for Nou Camp Nou will accommodate over 105,000 spectators. The new structure will consist of four tiers taking into account that the grandstand will not only offer seating for the show but will provide a platform from which fans can participate. Furthermore, the design should enhance an atmosphere for the fans showing their support and for Barça players to feel the support. The deck conveys the atmosphere of the inside of the tier and creates the perfect conditions for both playing and watching football, enhancing the stadium democracy. It also conveys the stadium and the clubs’ image through the use of light and an ephemeral composition.

A specific design has been developed for the public space surrounding the pitch that allows it to be used as an extension of the stands on match days. This new perimeter public space, called the Amoeba, draws on the great tradition of public spaces in Barcelona and presents a structured landscape with green areas, seats, amphitheaters, and walkways. In addition, it hides the lower part of the stadium, reducing its apparent height. Adopting its own formal language, it provides contrast and differs from the stadium building. The Amoeba divides the street level into two heights, which creates additional space to ensure the safe and fluid movement of large numbers of pedestrians on match days, and to accommodate a wide variety of functions and functions. facilities at the service of the stadium. Under the Amoeba we have created a whole zone of entertainment and social activities, which includes cafes, restaurants, shops, museum spaces, and the Nike Store, which will have a predominant position and will be perfectly integrated within the NCN Experience.

Finally, we designed the new Barça Museum as a total experience in a tour throughout the entire stadium, which allows you to enjoy all the history and achievements of the club, with the aim of achieving a fusion of the museum with the stadium itself.