Tres Pins nursery

Municipal plant nursery in Montjuïc, Barcelona.

Viver Tres Pins
Viver Tres Pins

Tres Pins nursery

The nursery aims to cultivate and prepare especially seasonal plants destined to parks and gardens of Barcelona city. It is, therefore, a workplace with special requirements for use and inner mobility with a variable image difficult to control throughout the year.


Batlleiroig Arquitectura. Enric Batlle Durany, Joan Roig i Duran – Architect


Ajuntament de Barcelona

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Outdoor surface

63500 m2


It is also intended to be visited by citizen public. It has the potential to become a pedagogical tool that, besides functioning as a nursery, contains an arboretum of Barcelona’s trees, a garden area intended for aromatic, medicinal and cooking plants, an open air classroom and a large public greenhouse suitable for large specimens.

Due to its special situation, the new nursery must be integrated into the whole of Montjuïc Mountain, preventing it from becoming an island within the succession of parks and mountain forests. Consequently its orographic treatment and its vegetation’s layout are very important in order to achieve both this integration and the compatibility of nursery and public park functions.

The nursery is organized in a series of terraces that adapt to the terrain’s orography, avoiding as much as possible any modification in the current mountain’s profile. These terraces are curved and of variable width, 30 m in the centre and 15m at the end, so that the terraces join the current topography at both ends.