Shopping center in Ca n’Alemany, Viladecans

Contemporary, warm and natural architecture define a metropolitan and urban complex that brings nature closer to the shopping experience.

The Style Outlets Viladecans
The Style Outlets Viladecans

The Style Outlets Viladecans

The 26,500 m² center with more than 100 commercial premises is organized around an open ring-shaped promenade that connects with the two main entrances and from which all the premises are accessed. The fragmented and variable geometry of this walk generates a great diversity of spaces, among which the large central square stands out, where the restaurants are mainly concentrated.


Batlleiroig Arquitectura. Enric Batlle Durany, Joan Roig i Duran – Architect


Helena Salvadó Giné, Eirene Presmanes Yrurzun, Laura Quintana Fernàndez, Xavier Irigoyen, Iván Sánchez Fabra, Antoni Monté Llopis – Architect / Alba Puig Ros – Architect and landscape architect / Maria Duran – Architect and BIM Manager / Diana Calicó Soler, Elisabeth Torregrosa Avilés, Alex Gràcia – Building engineer / Dolors Feu – Agricultural engineer and landscape architect / Yago Cavaller Galí – Agricultural engineer and environmentalist


STATIC Ingeniería – Structural engineering, PGI Engineering – MEP engineering



Construction company


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Total area

50.277 m2


Premis Catalunya Construcció 2017 – The Style Outlets Viladecans
© Antonio Navarro Wijkmark


The Style Outlets shopping center is developed on a trapezoidal plot of almost 7 hectares in the municipality of Viladecans and has two main entrances. The southern access, located at the lowest point of the site and directly connected to the exit of the C-32 motorway, from which the shopping center is accessed through a large door located in the south corner of the trapezoid and which, for its special design is easily visible from the highway. The northern access is located at the highest point of the site and connects with the urban center of Viladecans and the railway station through the Carretera de la Vila that goes from the city to the beach. At this point, you access a large plaza for public use that is developed at a higher level from which you can see the entire complex and from which you can descend to the main promenade.

The central open walkway forms the backbone of the complex. / © Antonio Navarro Wijkmark


A contemporary, warm and natural architecture defines a very homogeneous METROPOLITAN complex from the outside that acquires the scale and rotundity necessary to be seen from the highway, and an URBAN and fragmented interior that gives the character and dimension necessary to integrate it into the landscape from Viladecans.

The design of the topography of the center reflects the conditions of the place, improves the operation of the center, and contributes to implementing solutions that are more respectful with the environment, such as responsible water management. A smooth topographic adaptation allows the car park to develop in a unitary way, enhancing natural lighting and ventilation, as well as contact with nature.

© Antonio Navarro Wijkmark
The walk is complemented by a great diversity of free spaces. / © Antonio Navarro Wijkmark
© Antonio Navarro Wijkmark
© Antonio Navarro Wijkmark


A project in which biophilia and sustainability become design pillars, bringing nature closer to the shopping experience of its users and enhancing logical sustainability by implementing measures that guarantee maximum energy savings, a reduction in consumption, and emissions of CO2.

We have opted for the use of natural, proximity, and recycled materials, boosting biodiversity with the planting of native species with low water consumption, committed to responsible water management, a reduction in light pollution, and the implementation of solar panels for renewable energy generation.

The complex is understood as a large garden that includes both the perimeter car parks and the sequence of walks and interior squares. The proposed character is close to Mediterranean sensibilities and fosters the image of an oasis through the use of palm trees, various flowering trees, shrubs, and seasonal flowers. The various canopies of the commercial premises offer us protection and shade, providing the promenade with better comfort and complementing the character of the urban promenade that is intended to be obtained.

Exterior spaces of The Style Outlets. / © Antonio Navarro Wijkmark


The center is committed to responsible water management that is inspired by the hydric functioning of natural spaces, guaranteeing 100% use of rainwater and avoiding its discharge into the public network.

The rainwater collection and natural infiltration system have a design that is inspired by the hydric functioning of the agricultural fields of the Baix Llobregat agrarian park. An innovative sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS) based on the natural water cycle, from the capture of rainwater to its infiltration into the soil, retention, and accumulation, and reuse for compatible uses such as irrigation of all landscaped areas. The drainage system extends through the landscaped outdoor parking lot and through the commercial building, with the aim of capturing all the rainwater from the plot. The design avoids conventional solutions that cause large runoff, overflows from sewer networks and streams, yet defines different solutions based on the needs and opportunities offered by the plot and its immediate surroundings. The objective is for the water to infiltrate in the same place and avoid spillage in the rainwater network of the Ca n’Alemany sector.

The intervention is framed within the new paradigm of smart sustainability where natural materials and advanced industrial materials are combined to improve the performance of the stormwater management system and offer many benefits: recharge the groundwater table and avoid the island of heat (so typical of open-air parking lots and open shopping centers).



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