Funeral services building with 3 wake rooms and oratory in the Fontsanta Park

A building that is integrated into the topography by means of a green roof that blends with the existing slopes, freeing up space to develop a plaza that orders access and revitalizes a residual space in the city.

Tanatori de Sant Joan Despí
Tanatori de Sant Joan Despí

Sant Joan Despí funeral parlour

The new Funeral Parlour of Sant Joan Despí is situated as an end of the urban complex set up by the Fontsanta Park. Its location next to the entrance of the cemetery permits the widening of the arrival area to the premises and the organization of a square and a vehicle parking area, both connected in a fluid way with the access road.


Batlleiroig Arquitectura. Enric Batlle Durany, Joan Roig i Duran, Albert Gil Margalef – Architect


Miriam Aranda – Architect / Diana Calicó Soler, Elisabeth Torregrosa Avilés – Building engineer / Dolors Feu – Agricultural engineer and landscape architect


STATIC Ingeniería – Structural engineering, SJ12 – MEP engineering

Construction company


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Total area

700 m2
© Jordi Surroca

The building, narrow and elongated, occupies the place of the existing embankment, cutting and replacing it. Its roofs, inclined in the opposite direction to the slope, have a vegetal treatment that allows them to be fused with the adjacent vegetal slopes, in this way improving the vision that one has of the set from the perimeter streets, which remain at a higher elevation. This strategy also reduces the apparent volume of the building, reducing the view of the built area and increasing the planted surfaces.

The floor of the building, 700 sqm, is organized into two clearly differentiated areas. Firstly, the public domain formed by the set of rooms designed to serve the users of the facility and, secondly, the private area configured by the service pieces necessary for the preparation and movement of the coffins. A system of patios that order, hierarchize and illuminate spaces while establishing filters between different environments completes the organization of the floor.

© Jordi Surroca
© Jordi Surroca

Light and matter

The structural system consists of reinforced concrete walls and slabs with pine wood planks and cut steel pillars shaped with boards. The materialization is complemented with natural stone flooring and vertical wood claddings that bring warmth to the interiors. The steel pillars generate luminous graduations, establish visual filters and protect the interior from the direct rays of the sun.

The materiality generated by the repertoire of textures of the structural elements seen together with natural light, qualify and determine the environments of each space.

© Jordi Surroca
© Jordi Surroca
© Jordi Surroca
© Jordi Surroca