Corporate building for Inditex in Arteixo, A Coruña

A highly sustainable building of 170,000 m², characterized by the simplicity of its forms and its wide open spaces.

Seu de Zara a Arteixo
Seu de Zara a Arteixo

Zara headquarters in Arteixo

A 170,000 sqm newly created building will be the base for Zara's commercial and design teams at Inditex's headquarters in Arteixo. The new facilities, characterized by the simplicity of their lines, large open spaces, energy efficiency and sustainability, have been conceived to enhance the horizontal work dynamics between designers, pattern makers and commercial professionals.


Batlleiroig Arquitectura. Enric Batlle Durany, Joan Roig i Duran, Albert Gil Margalef – Architect


Beatriz Barral Santos, Mariano Aguado de Sas, Claudia Márquez Sala, María Méndez Gago, Paula Ortiz Arias, Rita Pérez Morandeira, Ana Gómez Fernández, Irene Agudo Marqués – Architect


Antonio Reboreda Ingeniería – Structural engineering, ENAR Envolventes Arquitectónicas – Facade


Zara, Inditex

Project status

In progress

Start date


Total area

170.000 m2
The new building for Inditex in Arteixo joins the service buildings and the headquarters designed by batlleiroig previously. / © SBDA

A neutral piece with horizontal lines

The project is characterized by the simplicity of horizontal lines and the presence of large windows with eaves that will give it sun protection and will flood interior spaces with free heights of 4.70 meters with natural light.

Large open-plan work spaces will be distributed over 125,000 sqm organized in 5 floors, allowing the flexible distribution of the different departments of Zara. A structural grid will arrange the pillars every 12 × 22 meters, generating large open spaces that will contribute to open communication and the dynamism of workflows.

Its visual identity, both exterior and interior, will be in line with that of the adjoining building, also designed by batlleiroig, in which white, glass and high ceilings with visible installations predominate.

A system of walkways will connect the new facilities with the rest of the complex. / © SBDA

Spaces for collaboration and dynamism

The five floors of the building will have dimensions of 230 meters long by 104 meters wide, and will be divided into two large work areas of 9,500 sqm each.

The new infrastructures will also have two underground parking floors with capacity for more than 1,000 vehicles.


A sustainable and efficient concept

The proportions and dimensions of this large building give it a “shape coefficient” which, together with a system of facades and roofs with a high degree of insulation, allows optimizing its energy consumption and achieving energy self-sufficiency.

This smart building will have a state-of-the-art facility management system that will guarantee the efficiency of its different elements at all times, in constant adaptation to the conditions of temperature and quality of outdoor and indoor air.

The 15,000 square meter roof will have a large proportion of landscaped areas aimed at improving the building’s thermal insulation and mitigating the “heat island” effect. The vegetation will be maintained with the reuse of rainwater.

The building will also follow the highest sustainability standards. The digitization in the design phase will allow a construction process based on industrialized elements. This fact and an intensive use of recycled materials will minimize the CO2 footprint and the generation of waste on site.

The new project enhances the complex's landscaped spaces. / © SBDA

Comprehensive environment for the well-being of people

This new design aims to continue improving the integral conditioning of the exterior spaces of the Inditex headquarters, a project started in 2018 to promote landscaped spaces and covered pedestrian connection areas.

Two large longitudinal squares adjacent to the east and north facades will expand the existing plaza next to the building, promoting the health and well-being of users. A system of multiple walkways will connect the new building with the adjacent ones at different points, thus guaranteeing the interior connectivity of the complex.



A new highly sustainable building will be the base for Zara’s commercial and design teams at Inditex’s headquarters in Arteixo.

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A new highly sustainable building will be the base for Zara’s commercial and design teams at Inditex’s headquarters in Arteixo.