Outdoor swimming pools and new access volume to the municipal swimming pool building

A urban-scale intervention that orders the public space and expands the existing facility with an outdoor pool and a new access volume.

Piscines municipals a Figueres
Piscines municipals a Figueres

Municipal swimming pools in Figueres

The design for the new swimming pools in Figueres starts from a reading of the place on an urban scale, generating a new landscape that is more friendly to citizens and integrating it within the fabric of the city to recover a large urban void of residual character and to provide the city of a new equipment.


Batlleiroig Arquitectura. Enric Batlle Durany, Joan Roig i Duran – Architect


Albert Gil Margalef, Carla Cadavid Izquierdo, Miriam Aranda – Architect / Diana Calicó Soler – Building engineer / Dolors Feu – Agricultural engineer and landscape architect


SJ12 – MEP engineering, STATIC Ingeniería – Structural engineering


Ajuntament de Figueres

Construction company


Project status


Start date


Finish date


Total area

332 m2

Outdoor surface

3.318 m2

The development of the Special Facilities Plan of the area between the Park Bosc and the Castle in Figueres led to the construction of an underground car park and, thanks to that, the release of a site normally used as an outdoor parking lot. This circumstance permitted the remodeling of the changing rooms of the current indoor swimming pool as well as the construction of another complementary swimming pool outdoors.

However, the height difference between the previously used parking lot and the indoor pool building required the construction of a new topography to insert the exterior vessel at the same height as the existing pool. This new platform, elevated with respect to the adjacent streets, extended the plane of the interior edges towards the exterior, thus defining the size of the water sheet of the new vessel.

© Jordi Surroca
© Jordi Surroca
© Jordi Surroca
© Jordi Surroca

In order to improve the functioning of the existing building, the access and reception area were relocated to the elevated height, constructing a new longitudinal volume that also handled the public access to the interior stands, the circulation between the internal and external vessels and the access to an underground facility. At the same time, being attached to the existing facade, it allowed for the renewal of the degraded image that the building had. The new volume of access was materialized with translucent polycarbonate skin that allowed it to dialogue with the transparencies, refractions and reflections of the water, the main protagonist of the activities of the building.

The geometry of the new exterior vessel responds to the general outlines of the platform, which in turn aligns with the adjoining streets. The limits of the elevated platform with the street are solved by vegetated slopes and green walls that overcome the topographic difference, also integrating some steps and a ramp that provide the pedestrian accessibility to the upper height.

© Jordi Surroca
© Jordi Surroca
© Jordi Surroca