Public spaces in Granollers

The need of solving the limits of the town that were historically abandoned and the purpose of achieving free space that these places didn’t ever have

Parc del riu Congost
Parc del riu Congost

Riu Congost Park

The site is 11 hectares wide and is close to the river Congost. The project is structured in different terraces that become woods, sports pitches, or piazzas. The history of the river, from its beginning to its end is the main aim of the project.


Batlleiroig Arquitectura. Enric Batlle Durany, Joan Roig i Duran – Architect


Lluís Jubert – Architect / Lluís Roig – Building engineer / Teresa Galí-Izard – Agricultural engineer


Ajuntament de Granollers

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Start date


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Outdoor surface

100000 m2

Once the sports area was built, the park became the base of a sequence of processes of plantation of trees. Even one of the celebrations of the Party of the Catalan tree was made in this place.

The park that once arrived to the river had to change to include a new street to be built between the park and the river. We converted this new street into a landscaped road involved with the park

Metal doors

While the park was built, the football team that was playing on the pitch went up to different divisions. After some years we built a new vegetation fence surrounding the sports area where originally there used to be a pitch open to the rest of the park.

All these little changes made us think of a new aim for the whole project. This new aim needed to be flexible enough to adapt itself to possible future changes and to the elements that were already built. This is how was born what you can see in the pictures, a sequence of vegetation fences with some metallic doors that allows closing the park or different parts of it like the football pitch. These fences became finally the new symbol of the whole project.