Office building at street Marroc 33 in the 22@ district

A sustainable and flexible office building in dialogue with the largest green lung of 22@.

Oficines One Parc Central a Barcelona
Oficines One Parc Central a Barcelona

One Parc Central offices in Barcelona

One Parc Central is a high-standard building designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding tenants. A sustainable and energy-efficient project, which will obtain the double LEED and WELL Platinum certification, and the new WIREDSCORE digital connectivity seal.


Batlleiroig Arquitectura. Enric Batlle Durany, Joan Roig i Duran, Albert Gil Margalef – Architect


Meritxell Moyà Vilalta, Lourdes Romeo Sus, Martin Hauge – Architect


BIS Structures – Structural engineering, PGI Engineering – MEP engineering, ENAR Envolventes Arquitectónicas – Facade, G3 – Building engineers


Dospuntos Asset Management


Construction company

Keller, Constructora San José

Project status

Under construction

Start date


Total area

33.616 m2

Outdoor surface

2.273 m2

An urban transformation that preserves the district's memory

A new workspace is being built in Barcelona’s 22@ technology district, a strategic location with easy access and excellent communications in a consolidated environment with international technology companies.

The offices are located in the former industrial area of Poblenou, in a consolidated mixed environment where different uses coexist and which is the great pole of innovation, development, sustainability, and economic growth of the city.

The new One Parc Central office building is located in an environment of 4 pedestrian blocks of open and versatile spaces that are dominated by the historic Can Ricart complex.

A building that dialogues with the largest green lung of 22@.

The project has a regular, almost square shape and is oriented along the lines of the original constructions of the Can Ricart factory site. In addition, the first floor and second floor are set back to allow passage under the two sides of the building, thus generating a great permeability from the street into the interior of the Can Ricart complex.

Taking this context into account, the volume is materialized differently depending on the orientation of its facades. A glazed façade opens towards the north, the Can Ricart complex, and the views of Collserola. The east and west facades are protected from excessive sunlight with a double skin of vertical slats in greenish tones and the south façade is structured from the landscaped terraces that progressively modify their shape between the primogenital geometries of Can Ricart and the alignment of the streets of Barcelona’s Eixample.

Open-plan spaces with maximum flexibility

The building reaches 52 m in height with a ground floor in relation to the public space, a technical floor, 11 floors of open-plan offices, and a top floor where we find a large terrace with views, reaching over 28,000 m2.

Its main entrance is located on the facade of Marroc street and once inside we find a comfortable and bright entrance hall. A large glazed space from where you can access the vertical communications core, located centrally in the building.

One Parc Central is a project that achieves a work surface with maximum flexibility, working with open spaces and with a facade completely free of pillars.

Each floor has its own private terrace, which, thanks to its sliding windows, functions as an extension of the office itself. In addition, the rooftop has a 500 m² terrace with all the amenities and incredible views of the city and the sea.

Sustainability and energy efficiency

Conscious of its commitment to the environment, the design and construction of One Parc Central have been carried out with the aim of achieving a sustainable, efficient and comfortable building for its users.

Each facade of the building has been adapted to its orientation, resulting in a double vertical skin on the east and west sides, cantilevered eaves on the south side, and a thermally controlled facade on the north side.

The optimization of the envelope has reduced energy demand by 67%, and the installation systems reduce energy consumption to only 41 kWh/m2 per year.

Circulation spaces porched with large areas of vegetation in the development help to reduce the “heat island” effect. This also helps to bring vegetation and nature closer to the user, providing 300 m2 of green spaces horizontally and 125 m3 vertically, with a large green wall on the first floor.

In addition to improving connectivity to Can Ricart and the interior of the block, One Parc Central promotes sustainable mobility by incorporating 108 bicycle parking spaces on the first floor.

All these measures allow us to obtain LEED and WELL Platinum certifications, combining energy efficiency with the comfort and well-being of users.