A stadium for more than 1,700 spectators in Zanica for UC AlbinoLeffe

A modern stadium integrated into the Lombard landscape that has become a symbol for the area and for the bluceleste family.

Estadi AlbinoLeffe a Bérgamo
Estadi AlbinoLeffe a Bérgamo

AlbinoLeffe Stadium in Bérgamo

The AlbinoLeffe stadium is integrated into the agricultural landscape of the Lombard town of Zanica, paying special attention to the environment. The facilities are built next to the club's sports city, designed to host the first team and youth matches, which has become the first privately owned stadium in the Italian Serie C.


Batlleiroig Arquitectura. Enric Batlle Durany, Joan Roig i Duran, Albert Gil Margalef – Architect


David Sesé López, Francisco Javier Luna Gómez, Andreu Carpi – Architect


Krea Studio – Local architects, Tekn&Co SLR – Local architects


U.C. AlbinoLeffe

Project status


Start date


Finish date


Total area

35.000 m2

Outdoor surface

3.178 m2

An intervention integrated into the landscape

Having to design a stadium in an environment with a high landscape value, the intervention is based on the conservation of the existing natural elements for the creation of a green stadium.

The project maintains the existing wooded hill on the site and takes advantage of land excavated in the construction of the stadium to extend this elevation of the land on three sides of the field of play.

The field is closed with a concrete grandstand that is the same height as the hills, except for one side of the stadium, where the grandstand and the roof grow in height. The volume stands out with a profile that follows the logical shape of the building and becomes an iconic image for the Italian team.

Good vision of the field and the environment

Continuing with the strategy of inserting the building properly within the landscape, two large pedestrian ramps gently accompany users to the upper level of the grandstand, providing the stadium with comfortable and fully accessible routes.

From the stands, the spectator’s gaze has good visibility of the field of play, while at the same time being able to appreciate the surroundings of the facilities: from the surrounding agricultural areas, with their canals and tree-lined rows, to the lake that characterizes the spaces stadium exteriors.

Minimizing the carbon footprint

The attention to the environment of the AlbinoLeffe stadium is not limited only to its landscape integration but is also specified in the low environmental footprint of the intervention, which takes advantage of geothermal energy to heat the facilities without CO2 production.

On the other hand, the facilities recover rainwater for the irrigation of large green areas in the area.

Pioneer facilities in their category

The facilities, today sized to play in the Italian Serie C competition, will be prepared for the possible adaptation of the AlbinoLeffe stadium to Serie B in the event that the club needs it in the future, expanding the capacity to 6,000 seats.

Currently, the stadium grandstand accommodates 1,791 spectators, of which 1,147 are local, 513 guests, 10 VIP stations and 31 media booths.

In addition to the stands for spectators, the facilities have catering areas, specific stations for television and for service personnel and, on the ground floor, all the rooms dedicated to the local and visiting teams.



The first match is played at the AlbinoLeffe stadium!

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The first match is played at the AlbinoLeffe stadium!