News 17/01/2022

Enric Batlle participates in the program No ho sé in RAC1 radio, talking about the figure of Ricardo Bofill.

Last Friday Enric Batlle participated in the radio program No ho sé at RAC 1 to talk about the figure of the architect Ricardo Bofill.

In his intervention, he highlighted the complete vision of architecture that characterized Bofill, in addition to valuing his innovative character.

I would keep his role as a Renaissance architect who tried to make the integral project of the city. Not only rehearsing how everyone should live in his houses, as he did in Walden 7, but also designing the building, designing the public space and designing the shape of the city. That means, to act as an urban planner, to act as a landscaper, to act as an architect… and to do it in an integral way.

Enric Batlle