People 02/02/2022

Batlleiroig appoints four new associates.

Batlleiroig appoints four new associates.
From left to right, Beatriz Barral Santos, David Sesé López, Laura Quintana Fernàndez and Lourdes Romeo Sus.

In our firm commitment to retaining talent and as a consequence of our growth in recent years, Batlleiroig incorporates four new associates to its structure: Beatriz Barral, David Sesé, Laura Quintana and Lourdes Romeo, who, after years of experience at Batlleiroig, reinforce the continuity and future of the company.

The appointment responds to the fact that they are people with a long career within the company, their high level of responsibility, the results of their work and their ability to represent Batlleiroig, becoming true ambassadors of the studio. Congratulations Bea, David, Laura and Lourdes.

Batlleiroig thus consolidates a team of 8 partners, 9 associates and more than 130 professionals prepared to offer the best in our commitment to the future of our cities, developing Planning, Landscape and Building projects through a commitment to merging city and nature.