Our directors’ link to academia and research have brought celebrated recognition for Batlleiroig.



Batlleiroig’s extensive career and the quality of its work have earned wide recognition in the national and international media, both in terms of those specific to the field of Architecture as well as to general media.

  • TC CUADERNOS. Batlle i Roig Arquitectura 2008-2018
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  • AV Monografías Num 207. BUILDING WITH NATURE
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  • EL JARDÍN DE LA METRÓPOLI. Del paisaje romántico al espacio libre para una ciudad sostenible
    Author: Enric Batlle
    Publisher: Gustavo Gili
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    FAD Award Thought and Criticism 2012

  • Batlle i Roig TWENTY GARDENS 1981-2011
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  • ARQUITECTURAS DE AUTOR AA 10. Works 1982 / 1997
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    Author: Joan Roig
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An international benchmark

An international recognition supported by our discourse on the future development of cities, where sustainable mobility and green infrastructures occupy a central position.


In 2016, Pritzker Prize winner Alejandro Aravena, curator of the 17th Biennale International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, featured 88 architects from 37 different countries. Batlleiroig was one of the 4 Spanish teams invited to display their work with the Landscape Restoration of the Controlled Landfill Site of the Vall D’en Joan. Batlle i Roig curated the solo exhibition “Farming The Life”.

“Farming the life”, exhibition curated by Batlleiroig Arquitectura. Central Pavilion, Biennale di Architettura di Venezia 2016. / © Eugeni Bach

Metròpolis Verda

In 2017, the founding partner of Batlleiroig, Enric Batlle, was director of the Green Infrastructure table of the PDU – Barcelona Metropolitan Urban Master Plan. His participation at this table led to the curation of exhibitions, such as “Metròpolis Verda” (Green Metropolis), which, in turn, led to presentations at universities such as Harvard GSD-Graduate School of Design or interventions at symposia such as reSITE in Prague, MIPIM in Cannes or The European Forum on Urban Forestry (EFUF).


Harvard School of Design. Merging Public Space & Nature, 2017.

In 2019, the public entity Metropolitan Area of Barcelona presented the Metropolis Barcelona exhibition at the Biennale event of Architecture and Urbanism in Seoul, where they exhibited a sample of the works carried out in the territorial scope of the AMB and in which our Gigafoto was the main draw.

The Gigafoto represents in a single image our philosophy and way of understanding urban planning—an uninterrupted succession of different landscapes, ranging from parks, streets or balconies of the urban environment to the sea, and from rivers to city parks, from the Collserola Natural Park to the Llobregat Agrarian Park—which create the Metropolitan ecological matrix and form a system where ecology, leisure and production are possible.


Exhibition of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona AMB at the Seoul Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism.
Batlleiroig, director of the section "Landscape: ecology, leisure and production" of the Metropolis Exhibition of Barcelona. Design Hub Barcelona, 2015.
Innovation dialog panel. Participation of Enric Batlle representing Batlleiroig.

We have been talking about landscape and nature since our foundation in 1981, but we are aware of the need to evolve towards more efficient commitments that are related the 2030 Agenda and the Urban Agenda of Catalonia.

We chose the motto “Merging City and Nature” to bring together our improvement purposes in each of the actions we carry out. We work in three different disciplines: Urban planning, Landscaping of public spaces and infrastructures and Construction, aiming to be experts in each of them but using an essential cross-sectional approach that is now a requirement for carrying out any development work. The Climate Emergency is now the main thing that underscores our work and is what must guide our every action.

At Batlleiroig we are deeply committed to the environment and involved in the continuous search for solutions to solve the climate emergency on our planet. Enric Batlle DuranyPhD architect and landscape architect / Founding Partner
Joan Roig, Albert Gil, Enric Batlle and Ivan Sánchez during the presentation of the CSCAE Medal to Batlleiroig.

“For being a great architecture studio, consolidated as a benchmark for quality and professional rigour, and structured according to a business and solvent operation, with a collaborative, global philosophy, aimed at controlling the process and at the forefront in the use of new technologies, always keeping in mind the values of our discipline”, according to the CSCAE 2017 Jury.

It is an honorary distinction, which is granted in order to recognise people or entities that have contributed significantly with their work and dedication, among other notable merits, to the defence of the interests of the profession and of Architecture.

The CSCAE 2017 medal was a great recognition for us by our colleagues throughout our career and at the same time served as encouragement to continue growing and innovating as an organisation. Albert Gil MargalefArchitect / CEO / Senior Partner
Batlleiroig's team during the delivery of the CSCAE Medal in 2017.


Merging city & nature
The city in movement
Connecting cities
The rivers
The mountains
The sea
Insect Hotel at Parc Vallmora
Productive landscapes


Batlleiroig has had a very close relationship with teaching since its inception. The extensive professional and academic experience of our team —both the partners and those responsible for the projects— is reflected in our participation in national and international exhibitions, in juries of national and international awards and competitions and in our constant participation in conferences and symposia around the world.

Students of the Master's Degree in Landscape –MBLandArch– taught at the ETSAB (Barcelona School of Architecture - UPC) during the hackathon "Discover Las Rondas" in the Finestrelles Park, a project by Batlleiroig.

Enric Batlle has been linked since 1982 to the Department of Urbanism and Spatial Planning of the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia). His role as a teacher has been developed mainly at the ETSAV (Higher Technical School of Architecture of Vallès – UPC) as a professor of Urbanism and coordinator of Architecture and Project Workshops. He is currently Director of the Master’s Degree in Landscaping—MBLandArch—taught at the ETSAB (Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona – UPC). He has been an Architect since 2002 at the UPC Department of Urbanism and Spatial Planning with the doctoral thesis “The garden of the metropolis. From the romantic landscape to free space for a sustainable city”, a thesis for which he received the Extraordinary Doctorate Award from the UPC Doctoral Commission and was awarded the Luis Domènech y Montaner Prize for Architecture Theory and Criticism. This research work has been published by Editorial Gustavo Gili in 2012 under the same name, and recognised with the FAD Prize for Theory and Criticism 2012.

Doctor Arquitecte des de 2002 pel Departament d’Urbanisme i Ordenació del Territori de la UPC amb la tesi doctoral “El jardí de la metròpoli. Del paisatge romàntic a l’espai lliure per a una ciutat sostenible”. Tesi per la qual va rebre el premi Extraordinari de Doctorat de la Comissió de Doctorat de la UPC i que va ser guardonada amb el premi Luis Domènech i Montaner d’Arquitectura Teoria i Crítica. Aquest treball de recerca ha estat publicat per l’Editorial Gustavo Gili l’any 2012 sota el mateix nom, i reconegut amb el premi FAD de Teoria i Crítica 2012.

Batlle, Enric. 2011. The Garden of the Metropolis: From the Romantic Landscape to the Open Space for a Sustainable City. Barcelona: Editorial Gustavo Gili.
Thought and Criticism FAD Award 2021.

Joan Roig has taught classes on Architectural Projects at the Barcelona School of Architecture since 1984, as well as the Master of Landscape Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the Barcelona School of Agriculture. He has also been a director of the BIArch (Barcelona Institute of Architecture).

Matter, Barcelona. From small studio to architecture company, 2019.


Currently, Joan Batlle Blay is associate professor in the Department of Urbanism and Spatial Planning of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and teaches classes in the Degree in Architecture Studies at the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB) in the Degree in Landscaping at the Barcelona School of Agriculture (ESAB) and the ETSAB. Since 2016, Mario Súñer Díaz is a visiting professor at the MBLandArch – University Master’s Degree in Landscaping, of the ETSAB (UPC).

Ivan Sánchez Fabra was visiting professor at the MBLandArch – University Master’s Degree in Landscaping, of the ETSAB (UPC), from 2014 to 2017. Yago Caballero Galí was visiting professor in the Postgraduate Program in Project Management and Maintenance of Green Spaces at the Fundació Politècnica de Catalunya of the UPC, from 2001 to 2005.




Abel Porcar Badal has been visiting professor on several occasions at the MBLandArch – University Master’s Degree in Landscaping at the ETSAB (UPC), at the London School of Economics and in several postgraduate courses at COAC and COAMB.




Currently, Esther Díaz Salas is a professor at the La Salle Technical and Higher School of Architecture in Barcelona (ETSALS, URL), where she teaches various classes of interior design and MEP, she is also a professor in the course “project management at the Retail sector” of the Colegio de Aparejadores, Arquitectos Técnicos e Ingenieros de la Edificación de Barcelona (CAATEEB). Maria Comas Giménez is a professor on the master’s degree in Interior Design and Hospitality, at the LABASAD Barcelona School of Arts & Design.




Currently, Antonio Duran Bautista —BIM Management Director of Batlleiroig— is an associate professor in the Department of Architectural Representation of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), where he teaches classes at the ETSAB in the subject of Architectural Representation II where they teach the construction of the virtual model applying a first contact with BIM technology. In 2016, Roger Mermi Ribalta taught a course in the Postgraduate BIM Manager of the Colegio de Aparejadores, Arquitectos Técnicos e Ingenieros de la Edificación de Barcelona (CAATEEB).



Numerous universities and organisations of international prestige have counted on our participation in courses and masterclasses: Harvard University-Graduate School of Design, Copenhagen University, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Beijing Forestry University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, University of Illinois, University of Navarra, Università degli Studi Roma Tre, IUAV Istituto Universitario di Architettura de Venezia, Delft University of Technology; ILAUD (International Laboratory of Architecture and Urban Design), École Supérieure du Paysage de Versailles—among others—and Batlleiroig’s theses on architecture and landscape have been disseminated throughout very diverse institutions, such as the Architectural League of New York.

Batlleiroig – UPC chair

Batlleiroig promotes the Batlleiroig-UPC Chair with the aim of establishing a strategic and transversal collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, and in order to develop research, dissemination, enhancement and knowledge transfer objectives in the Knowledge Area of Architecture of the UPC. The Batlleiroig Chair aims to establish a strategic and visible collaboration with the UPC that ensures the transfer of technology between both parties through research work and activities in accordance with the values of the UPC, and which helps to improve the company’s innovation processes.

The Batlleiroig Chair aims to search for excellence in the field of Architecture, and will focus specifically on the relationship between City and Nature. Under the motto “merging city & nature,” it will dedicate its resources to deepening the capacity of nature as a tool to combat the climate emergency in the urban environment. The Batlleiroig Chair has as Academic Unit the ETSAB-UPC (Higher Technical School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Barcelona).

The resources of this Chair will be divided into 3 areas of action, with activities and initiatives that will ensure the common interest and the contribution to the knowledge and excellence of the scientific-technical community of the UPC.


The Batlleiroig Chair award will be created for the best final master’s degree project in the UPC Architecture career that is linked to the Chair’s research lines.

2 Paid Internship Scholarships will also be awarded to work at Batlle i Roig Arquitectura. With these initiatives, the Batlleiroig Chair wants to encourage the student community to carry out work that addresses the topics promoted by the Chair, as well as to scout individual talent that is of interest to the company.



A LINE OF RESEARCH called “Merging City and Nature” will be established. It is linked to the UPC Department of Urbanism and Spatial Planning (DUOT) and the University Master’s Degree in Landscaping (MBLandArch-ETSAB). The Chair will award an annual Doctorate Award to one of the researchers who are developing doctoral theses in this line of research. An Industrial Doctoral Programme will be promoted from the Chair for doctoral students who work in the company during the period of development of their doctoral thesis.



An annual Technical Conference will be scheduled under the theme “Merging City and Nature,” which has the aim of disseminating the various investigations on the issues that are underway. The dissemination of the conference and the activity of the chair will be promoted through the networks and with a specific publication of its content.

One of the objectives is to make this architectural heritage available to the UPC community, and to propose that the activities of the Chair can be developed jointly between the ETSAB and Casa Moratiel.

UPC students who have obtained a qualification of Outstanding or Honours in their thesis for a Master of Architecture (MARq) or Landscaping (MBLandArch) will be eligible for the Batlleiroig Chair Award.

Works will be accepted that, via Architecture, Urban Planning or Landscaping, provide solutions to the Climate Emergency and to the construction of the cities of the future.

The award will be awarded by the Batlleiroig Chair and will be in the amount of €1000.


The mission of these scholarships is to stimulate and promote practical learning of solutions to combat the climate emergency and build the cities of the future.

The duration of each internship is 6 months, and students of Architecture (GArq and MARq) and Landscaping (MBlandArch) may apply for this scholarship.

Students interested in this scholarship for paid internships will be able to present their motivational writings and academic CV, which will be assessed according to their proximity to the topics of interest to the Chair and the projects carried out at the Batlleiroig company.