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The Roques Blanques cemetery opens the biggest natural area to bury ashes in Spain

The Roques Blanques cemetery of El Papiol, designed by Batlle i Roig Arquitectura, recently opened an space called ‘The Forest Road’, an space destined to bury biodegradable urns made by natural wood containing the ashes of the deceased. That way, Àltima Funeral Integral Services, the company in charge of Roques Blanques, wants to cover the increasing demand of cremations in Barcelona, which are the 46.5% of all the burials in the city.


Read the information published by ‘La Vanguardia’ (Spanish)

Moreover, the tendency is to bet on burial biodegradable ways and with no polluting elements. ’The Forest Road’ also allows that the family of the deceased can incise his or her name on a wood placed where the ashes are, and they will receive the GPS coordinates of the tomb. The main objective is that everything remains perfectly integrated in the natural environment.

Promoting initiatives like this one, the Roques Blanques cemetery consolidates as referent in Spain related to alternatives of sustainable management of ashes.



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