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The Roques Blanques cemetery, at the TV3′s “TN Vespre”

Coinciding with November the 1st, All Saints Day, yesterday the News Programme of TV3 (Catalonia’s Public TV) dedicated some minutes to talk about different cemeteries in Catalonia to know how people celebrate this day in memory of the deceased. One of the main themes was the Roques Blanques cemetery, in El Papiol, designed by Batlle i Roig.

The TV team made a review of the traditions kept this festivity and, also, about the innovations introduced. The Roques Blanques cemetery is a good example about that because in the last few days it has opened ‘The Forest Road’, the biggest space in Spain destined to bury biodegradable urns made by natural wood containing the ashes of the deceased.

Watch the video from minute 19 of this link.


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