The opening of the new pedestrian and cyclable lane between Barcelona and Esplugues has been done this morning, a lane that allows the connection for bikes and for pedestrians between Diagonal Avenue and the municipalities of Baix Llobregat, overcoming the obstacles posed by the two Rondas of Barcelona and the highway B-23.

Some of the authorities that have opened the lane today were Ramon Torra, Manager of the AMB; Antoni Poveda, Vice President of Mobility and Transport of the AMB and Mayor of Sant Joan Despí; Mercedes Vidal, Mobility Councilor of the Barcelona City Council; the mayors of Esplugues and Sant Just Desvern, Pilar Díaz and Josep Perpinyà, respectively; and different municipal councilors; in addition to the entire Batlleiroig team, with Enric Batlle and Joan Roig in the lead.

carril bici alcaldes

From left to right, Pilar Díaz, Josep Perpinyà and Antoni Poveda, followed by Xavier Segura, Manager of Services and Public Space in AMB; by Enric Batlle, Director of the architecture project, and other municipal authorities.

carril bici parlaments

Mercedes Vidal, Antoni Poveda and Pilar Díaz during the speeches. 

It is an 880-meter road that, in some sections, is a walkway and, in others, a tunnel, and it redefines the margins of the highway in a friendly manner to soften the landscape impact. Moreover, it creates a connectivity of urban green along the route between the Cervantes Park and the avenue of Jacinto Esteva Fontanet in Esplugues de Llobregat.

Congratulations to the whole team that has made this project possible!

carril bici preparats

carril bici esplugues

montaje carril1


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