The practice of urbanism has been one of the focuses of the practice since it was created, and it has grown as urban planning processes have become more important in producing an attractive real-estate product.

For BATLLE I ROIG ARQUITECTES, specialization and in-depth knowledge of the complexity of urban planning combine with the practice’s multidisciplinary experience with projects of construction, landscape and public space. This makes us unique, because it gives us an overview of the urban planning process in its three constituent areas:

-          Landscape. Our experience in regional planning, the environment and landscape allows us to integrate public and private interests with the creation of high quality environments that meet the requirements of government agencies, as well as standing out from their competitors as unique real-estate products.

-          Planning. Our approach to urban planning documents, based on our knowledge of the scales of architecture, landscape and public space, and our experience in planning practice, centres on streamlining the process and facilitating management to produce the desired real-estate model.

-          Architecture: our knowledge of the built project allows us to study the most interesting real-estate models in keeping with the market and in accordance with the needs expressed by the developer, and to direct the planning process towards a competitive and quality architecture.


The work in the three areas is linked by the concern for the environment, that comes into play, not with added artifacts, but as the basis for the conception of the project, with strategies such as integration and recovery of river and wet spaces, as the preservation and improvement of the existing ecological corridors, the structuring of the ordinations from the General systems of open spaces and the introduction of urban models that minimize water demand or the need for private transport.


When it comes to drafting urban planning documents, Batlle i Roig Arquitectes has its own team devoted specially to urbanism and draws on the knowledge of its specialists in other disciplines (environment, building, public space, urbanization). The practice also collaborates with external specialists in areas such as mobility and hydrology, and usually works in close cooperation with various legal teams.


Batlle i Roig has over 30 years’ experience in the design of all kinds of urban plans, developing 50 or so sectors, transforming over 7,000,000 m2 of land and providing the framework for the construction of more than 3,500,000 m2 of gross floor area and almost 20,000 dwellings. This involves projects of all kinds: new urban extensions, the transformation of existing urban fabrics, planning green corridors and facilities, singular implantations in natural settings and tourist developments integrated into the landscape.[/sixcl]