The new municipal market is the starting point of a new nucleus of facilities in a central position in CalafellBeach, for the town’s growing population. This nucleus will comprise a pre-school centre, an infant and primary school, a civic centre and a library, becoming a vital part of Calafell’s civic and social life.

The market is laid out around a large central axis that links the areas planned to house the supermarket and the stalls. This axis is conceived as a street that allows clients to cross the facility from east to west, presided over by a great skylight that runs lengthwise over a 9-metre-high space, interrupting the building’s continuous section. This long skylight provides the central space with daylight, improves ventilation during the summer months and is manifested in the market’s façades, taking the form of two semicircular awnings and two porches, one at each end.

Take a look at the whole project here.


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