The new Massimo Dutti Headquarters Building efficiency, in terms of sustainability and energy saving, has achieved the LEED GOLD rating, issued by the USGBC (United States Green Building Council). The environmental taken measures to get this environmental character includes use of courtyards, technological skins and a Ground floor treatment as ventilated outer parking.


The building is located in Tordera outskirts, in the old “Fibracolor” industrial area, where a warehouses mosaic currently configures the Massimo Dutti’s Logistic Platform of global distribution and some other brands of Inditex Group.

Large work centers have historically generated a mobility problem that has been fixed with outskirt (and low-cost) land use, creating landscapes where parked vehicle have a key role.

The typological solution generated for this project consists of a palafitte building which releases most of its ground floor to allocate the space for the parking of vehicles, maximizing land profit and creating a better accessibility model.


This strategy differs from the typological solutions in industrial land (explained above) or urban solutions (consistent to implement parking below ground, due to the high cost of the soil). Proposed solution generates optimal road accessibility to the building, giving it an image that dignifies the access, far from treating it as a residual space car park. This typological solution allows protecting vehicles and users from weather and locates complementary uses like meeting facilities, installation cores and safety systems.


The 220 m long building, 60 m. wide and 3 plants, sets the access to the building in ground floor, and lets two upper floors to be entirely dedicated to workspace. Total building height is 15mts, being ground plant 4mts high and 5,5mts the workspace floors.

Commitment for sustainability and getting healthy workspaces has been translated into diverse landscaped courtyards, also into technological systems and painstaking material solutions.

“Thinking big” spirit is been translated into serial, prefabricated and large scaled solutions, allowing tight resources economy. A building designed to foster collaborative work in spacious, simple, kind and optimally illuminated environments, just working as background to allow textile goods to be the real main characters.


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