Ideas on the shore. Batlleiroig participates in a series of reflections on the present and the future of the Barcelona coastline.

On the occasion of the Architecture Week 2020, Barcelona Regional publishes the petxa-kutxa conference of the “Ideas on the shore” cycle, which took place on January 9, in the auditorium of the Maritime Museum, within the framework of the closing of the exhibition “Architectures on the Shore” organized by Arquitectes per l’Arquitectura and the Fundació Mies van der Rohe, in collaboration with the Barcelona Maritime Museum.

For the conference, Enric Batlle presented the project Steps to the sea, a project that raises new opportunities to improve connectivity between the city, the Ciutadella Park and the Mediterranean Sea.

“Through the historical understanding of the Ciutadella environment and based on its new premises, the new role that the free spaces of Ciutadella and its surroundings can play in order to recover the CITY – PARK – SEE connection is analyzed and rethought”.

To see the video click on this link.

Arquitectures arran d’aigua from Barcelona Regional on Vimeo.


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