Garraf’s Landfill Restoration at “Drawing Landscape”, from CANAL 33.

The cultural program Tria33 issued, last November 14th, an special documentary named “Drawing Landscapes. Architecture and Environment”. The TV channel presented 4 Landscape Architecture projects that are a reference in Catalonia.

Under the question “Can a landscape be drawn? Designed? Projected?”, the reportage proposes a close look to the landscapes and to the architecture projects that put them in value, showing special interest on their technical singularities.

Enric Batlle, founding partner of Batlle i Roig, accompanied Canal 33 to the “Vall d’En Joan”, a natural park that only 10 years back housed the biggest rubbish dump in Catalonia.




The Landscape Restoration project that Batlle i Roig started in 2006 –still in progress- proposes the use of traditional agriculture systems as a tool for regenerating the park endemic ecosystem.

We invite you to enjoy the Catalan Landscaping hand in hand with RCR, Josep Bunyesc, Martí Franch and Enric Batlle.





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