Training given at the AMB on sustainability criteria

This morning, the batlleiroig team has been providing training in sustainability criteria in projects and works of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, for the Direction of Services in Public Space and for the IMPSOL, addressed to the technicians in charge of the drafting of projects (architects, technical architects, civil engineers, facilities engineers, and mainly agricultural engineers).




In the training, sustainability criteria have been addressed in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy, materials cycle, water cycle, green and biodiversity and other concepts associated with sustainability (reduction of the heat island effect, sustainable mobility, etc) .

The training has been given by Antoni Monté (Architect / Landscape Vice Director) and by Yago Caballero (Agricultural Engineer / Environmentalist).

“A new paradigm: smart sustainability, a sustainable SUDS drainage system based on the natural water cycle.””


The ones in charge of the assembly of the cycle of conferences (with a protocol of criteria and an accompaniment in the application of criteria in specific projects) have been the Ramon Folch y Asociados S.L. together with Anna Pagès and Albert Cuchí of the ETSAV-UPC.


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