Traveling exhibition “Green Metropolis” has opened its doors in Santa Coloma de Gramanet

The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona moves once again the Green Metropolis exhibition where it now focuses on the biodiversity of the colomenc territory.

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The exhibition, organized by the City Council and the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona,​​can be visited in the city until December 19 and it includes a part dedicated to Santa Coloma, which values ​​the biodiversity of its territory. The Sierra de Marina, the Besos River Park and the Can Zam, de la Bastida and Molinillo parks make up a green area. Green Metropolis makes this reality visible, which coexists with asphalt and built-up spaces, and which is at the same time interconnected with the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona. The exhibition is divided into a common part, which has already visited municipalities such as Gava, Barcelona or Cornella, and one exclusive to Santa Coloma, also itinerant.

“The metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona is a complex territory where more than 3.2 million inhabitants live. Its 636 km2 are occupied by a large number of urban settlements of all kinds and by a dense network of infrastructure and services. However, in this densely occupied territory there is still an open space system that occupies more than 52% of the total area. It is, therefore, one of the metropolis with more green spaces in Europe.

In this context, the Green Metropolis exhibition focuses on the diversity of these metropolitan open spaces and explores the challenges that arise for a metropolis with a more accessible, healthy and, in short, habitable territory; a metropolis that is now also conceived from the network of open spaces and green infrastructure, as a common denominator of the metropolitan landscape.

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