Interview to Enric Batlle for the third season of Escala Humana (TVE2)

NEWS 27/07/2020

Last Monday, July 27, Núria Moliner interviewed Enric Batlle about water and architecture in the rest area of a section of the Llobregat River Environmental Recovery at Sant Vicenç Dels Horts.

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-27 at 13.34.13 (2)

Escala Humana is a TV show that tries to bring the world of architecture closer to all audiences. One of the challenges of Escala Humana is to show architecture from another perspective, without technicalities, to discover what lies behind the facades of buildings, objects, large buildings, urban spaces. And to reflect, together with the people who give life and meaning to architecture, about our relationship with the rural or urban environment.


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