Interviewing Enric Batlle in ‘El escarabajo verde’ on TVE

NEWS 13/12/2019

‘The green beetle’ is the environmental program of Spanish Television, and the production focusing on environmental issues of greater repercussion and diffusion. With an always informative spirit, the program talks about biodiversity, conservation, sustainability, but also anthropology and how to fit a world that wants to be green within a modern and industrial society like ours.

On December 13, 2019 they issued the report ‘A symbiotic relationship’, with the participation of Enric Batlle. The report analyzed the behavior of the fauna of the city: which places it prefers and how should parks, gardens and streets be designed to favor their life in our cities.

“I think it is very easy to include proposals on recovering biodiversity, even maintaining the current economic processes that our cities have, it is only a matter of putting on the agenda that each action is also an action to promote biodiversity and this can occur in facades of office buildings, on roofs of residential buildings, in school facilities and anywhere we can be promoting better living conditions, biodiversity, conditions, making healthy spaces, making spaces cleaner.” — Enric Batlle

In addition to interviewing Enric Batlle on biodiversity issues, they visited the Finestrelles Park and were able to enjoy the sheep taking over the city, grazing in the middle of an urban environment.

“Sometimes it seems that we say that we like nature, but we would like a nature of photography, inert, that had no life processes, that was always wrapped in a bow and we said:”Nature”, but the real nature, the good one, it is in which the animals are free, in which the sheep take the city; that is our fight here.” — Enric Batlle

Finestrelles Park is a project that explores a new way of treating the limits of the Collserola Park, a linear park that combines the park’s native species and a large meadow with species from agriculture. Thanks to the use of this type of vegetation, a climatically adapted hydro park is achieved, which means that it will not need to be watered. The large meadow of agricultural species is a productive area that is not only self-sufficient but also generates food for animals.

You can see the full report by clicking here.


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