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Interviewing Batlleiroig for the El País Semanal reportage ‘And now, where is the office?’

El País Semanal reflects on the future of workspaces and what the return to the offices of several large Spanish companies will be like. They interview Joan Roig and Helena Salvadó in their teleworking spaces and they visit the (almost) empty headquarters of Batlleiroig.

Helena Salvadó working in the living room of her house, next to her children. Picture by CATERINA BARJAU – El País Semanal

«(Helena) believes that the “new normal” will not be telematic or face-to-face, but a mixture of both. And that somehow the baggage of these days will provide wisdom to alleviate the “climate emergency”. Although the contact, she believes, is irreplaceable: “The grace of going to the office is talking to the team and sharing things.”»

Joan Roig, cofundador del estudio de arquitectura Batlle i Roig, tiene 65 años y ha seguido yendo al despacho de forma habitual durante la pandemia_CATERINA BARJAU
Joan Roig working in the living room of his house. Picture by CATERINA BARJAU – El País Semanal

«Enric Batlle […] believes that we will go to a world with fewer trips for two-hour appointments in another city, another country, another continent. But he does appreciate that talent comes together under one roof. “We might be old, but I think contact is important.” The pandemic, he adds, will accelerate trends that already existed, such as free sitting and “healthy” spaces with natural furniture and ventilation.»

La sede vacía del estudio de arquitectura Batlle i Roig en Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona). CATERINA BARJAU
The empty headquarters of the Batlle i Roig architecture studio in Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona). CATERINA BARJAU – El País Semanal

«The studio Batlle i Roig , which 115 employees, is based in an elegant concrete building projected by themselves in the foothills of the Sierra de Collserola (Barcelona). During this time only three people have been coming to the headquarters, among them Joan Roig, one of the founders [...] used to walking among the team in the previous era, these days with the solo studio Roig followed the dance of the screens , guided by remote employees: “It is magic. An office in motion, but with nobody. It reminded me of pianolas ”»

You can see the interview to Joan Roig in the following video:


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