2019 Ex-Aequo Winner in Public Projects Category Scenic Path Along Igualada’s Old Gypsum Mines by Batlle i Roig Arquitectura

Last June the LILA 2019 jury members completed their task and selected winners and special mentions in 5 categories: Public Landscapes, Infrastructure projects, Residential project, Private Residential Gardens and Hospitality landscapes. The jury decided to give the Public Projects Category Award to Batlleiroig with the project Scenic Path Along Igualada’s Old Gypsum Mines.




The jury declared:

“A beautiful and extremely subtle design, Scenic Path is a gesture drawn so as to offer a discovery of ‘what is already there’ and ‘what has been there’ a long time ago. A clever, precise design of a path, with a sophisticated geometrical set of shifting positions, where platforms, seats or walls organize the views far away, and with the same movements build a very strong sense of place. The materiality of the realization continues and reinforces the design with a great coherence, forming this precise architectonic play with a restrained number of materials. A presence arises – a collision of space and time – and you experience a landscape at the same time very old and very new.”




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