NEWS 02/07/2018

Today, ‘El Economista’, in its Catalan edition, has published an interview with Enric Batlle, founding partner of Batlleiroig, where he speaks about the origins of the firm, the present and the future, and about innovation in the architecture field.

In the interview published today by ‘El Economista’, Enric Batlle speaks about the firsts Batlleiroig projects, where the cemetery of Roques Blanques, in El Papiol, played an outstanding role, and how the firm has always wanted to strengthen the relationship between building and landscape. In this sense, Enric Batlle highlights how society, increasingly, is committed to “naturalize the city and even buildings are flooding with vegetation”.

Economista_Enric Batlle

Photography: Luis Moreno

The founding partner of Batlleiroig also talks about how the economic crisis affected the projects of the firm, and points out that the fact of being diversified “prepares you to overcome the crisis”. “Moreover, we incorporated new technologies such as BIM, which helped us get many orders from private clients”.

Read the interview by Estela López and Paula López in ‘El Economista’ by clicking on the image.


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