The works of the garden of the Integral Transportation Center of Metro Madrid begin

The CIT (Integral Transportation Center) is an initiative led by Metro de Madrid to build a new complex on the land occupied by the garages of line 1 on Asturias Avenue, in the surroundings of Plaza Castilla. The team Jardin 1 wins the contest and instructs Batlle i Roig for the landscaping part.



With the proposal of Jardín Metro, it is intended to recover a space for the use and enjoyment of citizens, making known and dignifying this heritage inherent to the city and which had been forgotten. Thus, the new public space brings the infrastructures, which have made Madrid a great capital, closer to its citizens, through a quality, modern, ecological and transparent exterior space, emblems that the company represents.


PROJECT AUTHORS: GARDEN 1 Carbajosa González, Iván (Architect) / Carretero Botrán, Lourdes (Architect) / de la Fuente Martínez, Julio (Architect) / Perea Ortega, Andrés (Architect).


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