In Batlleiroig we believe in the importance that the human team of our firm knows the different projects in which we are participating, with the purpose not only to know but also to share, in a more relaxed environment, the knowledge acquired during the year.
On June 7, 2019, the Bir Congress 2019 was held, it is an annual congress with the purpose of presenting the projects underway and which are currently being worked on by the different building, planning and landscape teams. And also present the new projects that are being prepared for the future.


The ceremony took place in the auditorium of the headquarters of the CNMC – building made by Batlleiroig – where the partners and project managers made a presentation with the intention of showing the new challenges that Batlleiroig is facing, and how they have been solved. problems that arise during the day to day in the office, and in this way to share the experience that has been acquired throughout the year.



After the presentations, a cocktail was held in our SBGlow Hotel, also located at 22 @ de Glorias, where a more informal colloquium could be held and different projects and challenges could be discussed among the different workers and colleagues.


To end the afternoon, a visit was made to the last completed work of Batlleiroig, the new headquarters of “Medicos Sin Fronteras”.



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