Batlleiroig celebrates the anniversary of its foundation every 4th of July; a day that over 38 years of history has served to celebrate and thank the daily effort to all their teams. It is a day to celebrate, to share and also to learn from the work done, since the celebration focuses on knowing thoroughly one of our most recent projects.

This 2019 the frame of the celebration has been unbeatable: the guided tour of our project for the Headquarters of Inditex in Arteixo, A Coruña. The team led by Albert Gil has been in this case the host, showing us the facilities through 4 technical conferences and a guided tour where we have been able to know first hand what we have learned and the innovations applied in this magnificent project.


78,000m2 built, divided into 4 programs and 3 buildings; an organization that unites and unites the new facilities with the existing ones, an exterior area of ​​17,000m2 that invites to be used, that accompanies and nourishes the set of new spaces and new dynamics.

The conferences, given by the heads of each area of ​​the project, took place in the imposing Inditex Corporate Auditorium, one of the most exciting technical challenges of this project.

In this unbeatable setting, the conferences of Albert Gil – partner of batlleiroig and director of the building department – and his team: Esther Díaz, Beatriz Barral and Mariano Aguado took place.

Albert Gil, responsible for this and the other projects carried out for Inditex since 2011, he hosted us, inviting us all for a walk through the 8 years of relationship with our client through a magnificent conference. A specific conference for the occasion, focused on showing the rest of the teams batlleiroig everything learned in each of the projects, the challenges taken and future challenges, from a pedagogical approach and celebrating with the rest of responsible teams -landscape and area technical- the resounding success of each of the projects executed.


The auditorium space – so large that the 112 attendees did not fill more than 20% of the capacity – is one of the jewels of the intervention. A challenge that Esther Díaz -Architectural specialist in acoustic conditioning and complex installations- shelled brilliantly.


Beatriz Barral explained in detail the expansion of Inditex’s headquarters, and Mariano Aguado explained the new building for Zara.com that is currently under construction


Beatriz Barral -Project manager architect- shelling out the architectural, programmatic and strategic challenges that made it possible for the Inditex Headquarters Expansion to be a success.


Mariano Aguado – architect – responsible for reporting the details of the future Zara.com project, currently in the execution phase.

The trip could only end with an anniversary celebration, where Galician gastronomy was the main protagonist. In a luxury enclave, Tira do Praia restaurant in Orzán Cove of A Coruña, gave us the funniest moments of the trip.


In batlleiroig we are sure that these shared moments are what build our history, unite ties and help us to resist the battles we face every day in the office. We are proud to share the images of this day, of our team and we hope that next year will be-if possible-even better




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