Our extension of the Headquarters in Arteixo, backdrop of the Inditex Christmas greeting

Inditex presents the video in which its president, Pablo Isla, congratulates the holidays to the staff.

The president of the group Inditex has congratulated Christmas through a video recorded at Inditex HQ, in Arteixo. Since 2015, batlleiroig works to expand it. The expansion began in 2015 with the auditorium buildings, the corporate dining rooms and the IT buildings and culminated in 2018. Currently, we are in the process of construction of the new HQ.

Their buildings transmit the values of the brand: teamwork, initiative, innovation, creativity, attention to detail, efficiency and professionalism.

Buildings designed to promote the work philosophy shown in the video: open dining rooms without hierarchy, open-plan work spaces, with natural light, concern for the health and well-being of workers, complying with the most demanding international sustainability standards, systems of eco-efficient lighting, sophisticated temperature control systems, and implementation of the latest technologies, among others.

“We are a company that wants to have a positive effect on society and to contribute significantly to build a more sustainable world.”








Photos by Antonio Navarro Wijkmark


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